Sunday, 27 December 2009

Furry Friends

I inherited a short jacket made of some kind of animal from an ancient and distant relative. I don't wear it, despite the fact I'm often tempted to take fashion tips from eskimos. If anyone knows how to keep warm, it's eskimos, right?

An Olsen twin, once again, shows us how it's done. It is understated (not a Russian Princess wrapped in a whole snow leopard, complete with head), it's warm, it's cool (ha! temperature puns!)...

I love her flats, too... Just in general, she's fabulous.

Source: TPF

Monday, 21 December 2009

There's Human Interest, There's Idle Gossip, Then, There's This...

Britney Spear’s now has a ‘Bullshit Alert’ on her website, indicating to fans which stories are true and which are flagrant lies.

In the ‘Top 75 Bullshit’ Stories of 2009, an alarming number of them are from UK papers.

At what point did reporting on ‘One Night In Paris’ take precedence over actual international relations in Paris? When did every celebrity’s’ choice of deodorant (or lack there of) become more important to the average reader than the issues that should make us sweat?

Twitter seems to me to be the most extreme extension of this obsession with banal and pointless information. Every minute of the day, we can know what our favourite and most intriguing C-Listers are doing. Eating, watching TV… gripping stuff!

A little rant to say that we should care much more about things that have actual bearings on our lives, like, I don’t know… Politics? And a little less about the things that don’t matter at all…

Friday, 18 December 2009

Get Shirty!

I just saw this picture on Jak & Jil, and had a sift through my growing collection of ‘things I like’ in my iPhotos. It turns out, I’m extremely attracted to outfits based around shirts! They’re simple and chic, and not necessarily formal. In fact, they can be incredibly sexy. Something that is typically part of a working wardrobe is breaking out of its uniform constraints and unbuttoning to the sternum to become as much weekend as weekday.

This is a recent shoot by Patrick Demarchelier which plays on the Ralph Lauren aesthetic of yachts and sea-salt-disheveled hair. That she has been styled in a belted men’s shirt makes me think of the scene in ‘High Society’ when Tracey and Dexter are honeymooning on the ‘True Love’. It’s hugely sexy. Women in men’s shirts is the oldest semantic for sex, so why not take it out of the boudoir and wear it to the supermarket? I love it!

I love this Olsen’s shirt. It’s huge, like most of the Olsens’ clothes, and half tucked in; the effect is painfully cool.

This is the sweetest shirt idea I’ve ever seen. It’s from Garance’s blog. This man’s wife embroidered this on the inside of his shirt pocket… Just the most wonderful gesture of love.

So, shirts are versatile, sexy and simple… I need more in my wardrobe! Here are some more ideas...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

If I Were To Spend £100 on a Pillow...

It would be this pillow.

Because it’s true, it’s cute and it’s something to hide behind when The Bartlets fight.

Another addition to the imaginary Christmas List.

Pedlars, £94.95

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

DSquared2: The Only Maths I Like

I hadn't seen this a/w show until I stumbled upon it at It strongly relates my post about how rushing has become part of our process of accessorizing. Well, DSquared2 certainly has illustrated my point well! I love that the models are carrying Starbucks (and I’m sure Starbucks love it too….). It’s very zeitgeist-y (yes, I made that up). I also love how they’ve really embraced layering – the practical side of fashion finally showing its face! These looks are actually wearable and you mind not freeze your teeny-weeny, size-0 ass off…
This look also really reminded me or Miroslava’s pairing a floor-length dress with a leather jacket –- it’s white tie meets street style, and I love it!

Source: and TPF

Monday, 14 December 2009

The New Gent...

I read a fantastic article in GQ Style (the most engaging magazine I’ve come across since Interview) about being a gentleman in the modern world. I so admire their vision of the 21st century man, and this guy from Jak and Jil has certainly got the aesthetic down! Go out and find a copy, it's inspired...

Saturday, 12 December 2009

They might as wise have lodged a bird for treason...

Since last I blogged, I've become obsessed with bird wallpaper. There’s something both antique and fresh about them. The motif can be seen on Chinese 18th century wallpaper, such as these from the V&A print collection.
However, birds still adorn our walls and they're SO pretty! It maybe too overbearing for some, but I love it! It's so delicate, like the birds themselves, gilded and rich.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Cherry Blossom

My family has finally bought a new home, so naturally I’m thinking about pimping a new bedroom.

My best friend has a beautiful Laura Ashley bird print paper covering part of one wall, which is stunning and subtle – ideal if the room is used for accommodating guests!

I found these on Designers Guild, which is just a feast for the eyes. Probably not for everyone’s tastes, some of it is pretty out-there.

These tea cups are even better, I'm starting a crusade to get them onto our new kitchen walls!
Or, we could take a tip from this clever person who has used their tea cup collection to decorate... Fabulous

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bag It 'n' Tag It... II

Look what I found! More fabulous paper bag shorts from stolkholm street style...


Not So Small Town...

Taylor Swift does High Fashion?


New York Times Magazine makes the country girl into a woman...

Coco Rocks!

I'm completely in love with Coco Rocha. God, she's pretty! But I've just discovered her blog... Which has so perked up my Tuesday night! It's a pretty self-indulgent blog, but who among us is not guilty of that?

Monday, 7 December 2009

Tiffany & Co: Selling Love Better Than Ever...

I, like millions of other girls, am a sucker for The Little Turquoise Box.
But Tiffany's has really gone all out for the Christmas season. This campaign makes me ashamed to call myself a marriage-sceptical cynic.

The video made me all gooey and girly... For SHAME!

Damn you, Tiffany's and your Love promotion! I'm such a sucker for marketing...

Holy Cowhide!

I love leather. Supple, buttery, smooth, beautiful leather. There's nothing like the smell of it. I especially love leather-bound books. Who doesn't?

Here are a few lusty things for the Christmas List!

Aspinals 'Dinner Party Book', £65

Also known as a Hostess Book. Crucial for any party planning.

Aspinals 'Social Diary', £45

Because everyone needs to know when to book their tickets for Glyndebourne

Hermes Ulysse Notebooks, £195

This has got to be the ultimate stationary...

Smythsons A to Z, £150

Because I Lodon and I leather books

and I Smythons!

I ♥ London : Oxford Circus and Bond Street

There are a million reasons that London is my ultimate soul mate. I've been back south for a few days longer than I'd plan and thus have had a chance to do some of my favourite things If you're visiting , or a local, maybe you'll find something new to do in the best of all the world's cities.

My London Guides will be written by tube stop. First,


Oxford Street Topshop

The ultimate megastore fashion emporium. Better than other Topshops not only because of its vast stock, but also because of the independent labels in the basement


Beautiful on the outside and the inside. Maybe not the most comprehensive department store but definitely, DEFINITELY the most stylish!

Le Pain Quotidien

Perhaps not original, but always delicious. The Great Marlborough Street one has a particularly good vibe.


A new addition to the 'my favourite things' list, but definitely now a permanent feature now. Glorious shopping experience. Particularly the homeware!

The Conduit Street Starbucks

Not just any other Starbucks, but server of the most exquisite mochas are decorated a little like a ski lodge (hot barista: always a plus!)

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mount St

Mount St is absolutely and completely beautiful and chic in its own right, but the MbyMJ store is such fun. My gloriously neon book bag only cost £22 -- but it looks a million!

Walk to Selfridges via Berkeley Square and Grosvenor Square

So London. So beautiful. And ends at the Yellow Cafe on the Lower Ground of Selfridges... Perfection!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Ironically Named 'Fashion' Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The funny thing is, no one, seriously, NO ONE is looking at the clothes.

But nonetheless, they might have made less of a hot mess!

I mean, it is not stupid to parade the most stunningly, alienly, jaw-droppingly beautiful women along a catwalk one a year. And it is not stupid to dress the 'angels' (clever) in as little as possible. However, that ‘little as possible’ could be put together a little better!

It looks like the designer spilled a bag of gummy bears over adhesive glitter glue and then allowed their two-year-old daughter to do the styling.

I’m not complaining, because (let’s be honest) it’s a turn on, whatever your gender. But, come on people, don't call it a "fashion show". Call it a 'Holy-Lord-No-Human-Being-Looks-Like-That-But-Slather-One-Of-Those-On-A-Cracker-For-Me Parade!'

Quite right, Alessandra, What the Hell?
She's carrying a book? She's going to READ in that outfit??? Obviously...
Source: fashionising

Bigger is Better...

Tall hair and chunky jewelery. Fabulous.
I love the lighting as well, but these gorgeous necklaces remindme of my recent (and first) trip to the new Anthropolgie store in London. I got so overwhelmed, I actually said "Oh, you are coming home with me!” to a hair band. Out loud. Embarrassing!

Anyway, the thing that really caught my eye was the jewelry. Totally gorgeous. The perfect little sparkle to put under any girl’s tree this Christmas…
Anthropologie, £29.95 each