Saturday, 21 November 2009

Noughties Style: The 'Rushed' Look

Who among us is not guilty of making our hurried appearance part of our aesthetic?

Increasingly it is becoming part of peoples' conciousenss that an 'accessory' is not only that which is purchased on the ground floor of a major department store - bag, gloves, scarf, headband - but runs to all the elements of our outfit that fringe the basic components of clothing.

Crucial acceossories now include:

1. A Blackberry or iPhone

Typically wearing a colourful protective outfit of its own, clutched as if the wearer can predict that at any moment a call or text of vital importance will require immediate attention and instantaneous reply.

2. A Starbucks Beverage

The contents of the Starbucks container is irrelevant. The container itself, however, speaks volumes of the wearer. A Starbucks (RED) Tumbler says 'I'm both eco-friendly and AIDs-conscious'. An ordinary Starbucks Tumbler says 'I am usually running so late that I don't have time for my absolutely essential caffeine fix'. A Starbucks take-away cup just says 'COFFEE! NOW!'

As well as having one's hands full with these items, and the traditional handbag, there is also the addition of the zeitgeist-y white headphones of an ipod, and Raybans, both of which firmly say 'Kindly, fuck off'.

And, in this, as in all things, The Olsens do it best...

Photos from TPF

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