Friday, 6 November 2009

The Love'n'Lame Lists

The LOVE List


Just utterly, UTTERLY gorgeous. A total girl-crush, but also pretty life legendary. Married to Lord Portman and mama to a growing brood, Natalia just has that doe-eyed-but-perverse look about her that makes her utterly delicious to look at.


Obviously the newest addition to the Love List. Everything I wish I was, and some of the things I am (5 foot 2 and brunette!) she's no.1 in the style stakes.


Not an obvious role model in many ways, but just so fucking fabulous at her job. Chilly, brilliant, no-nonsense and Queen of the fashion world. All hail!


For having the kind of creative vision which make me crave Vogue and all its magical shoots.

For being Marianna, and for being Hanna. A truly ballsy English rose.


There isn't a cooler woman in the world. Part of the Cambridge footlights crew from the beginning, and gives of the air of being a total bloody legend. I want to be her friend so badly...

The LAME List


For being famous for sleeping with Jude Law. Never ever ever a good reason to be famous. Bad actress, bad designer, bad taste in men. 'The September List' ultimately exposed her as wholly talentless. Also, for promoting the scruffy-boho look. Peasant tops? Boo!


Watch her eyebrows when she 'acts'. They're incredible. Not a style icon, no matter how much her PR would like her to be. Rude and superior, by all accounts. Always ironic coming from someone rather lacking in superior talent or skill.

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