Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Anti-Cute: Vanity Fair Takes My Last Post to The Cleaners...

I got my copy of VF in the post this morning, and I was horrified to read Jim Windolf's 'Addicted to Cute'.

Not just because it has poisoned my hours-old love of kawaii, but because it is the ultimate in cynicism.

Cuteness, he argues, is a post-Hiroshima, post-war comfort-blanket.

Should we assume that Jim did not have a childhood? Or had a horrible one?

One of the things that is so difficult about becoming adult - with the responsibilities, the taxes, the need to work in order to eat and buy shoes - is that silliness doesn't play a part in life.

I reckon Jim needs to build a pillowfort. He needs to build a pillowfort, and needs to look at a puppy and not curse the science that makes him feel warm inside. There's a reason cuteness exists in the world, and there's a reason that we are hardwired to feel affected by it.

But, where did he really cross the line? Jim hates cupcakes. Oh no, Jim! Oh no you did not!

Jim must live in a world that takes itself way too seriously, and for that I'm sorry for him, but cuteness is part of the zeitgeist of this scary, tragic and confused world. And to criticise and condemn it is unforgiving to me.

As a rule, I don't disagree with Vanity Fair. You know, because it's... VANITY FAIR! And I'm sure it's intentional troll-baiting, but come on! This troll is baited! An attack on cuteness? Why don't we all just hurl ourself off buildings now?

I hope Jim appreciates the grotesque cuteness of the pictures interspersed with this rant. Maybe he should also find a puppy to kick, or log onto to see cute things being mean to each other...

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