Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another Post of Fantastical Fashion

I think this is from Vogue US 2005. How ever impractical and uncomfortable these dresses may be, they are fabulous to look at…

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Marchesa & The Marriage Market

My grandmother's generation were the last real débutantes, HOWEVER, if someone sees sense and invites me to the Crillon Ball, this is what I'll be wearing...

Marchesa's Fall collection was a parade of frills and lace straight from my dreams...

I especially love the tattoo effect used on this dress... Like the Chanel temporary tattoos, but... Cooler...


Baba is Gaga...

If you're following any, or all, of the prominent street style sites, you'll recognise Catherine Baba. Stylist, and all around fashion crazy, Baba is my newest fashion crush.
Source: TFS

Comb, Backcomb, Pile-It-High...

Because I'm very behind with the times, I've been looking at the S/S10 couture shows... The clothes are one thing, but the hair and make up are out of this WORLD.
Dior... Marie Antoinette meets the contents of a sweetie jar... Makes the movie look like child's play...
Chanel... Lady Gaga did a little bow, Karl did it better...

The Miu Miu Campaign

This is the picture I was looking for of the gorgeous Lindsey Wixson. I absolutely LOVE her broken doll pose. Slays me.
And here are the others... This was a fantastic pairing - Miu Miu and Lindsey made in heaven!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

"Shaken, Not Stirred, Will Get You Cold Water With a Dash of Gin and Dry Vermouth"

In my fantasy apartment, there is a tray table crowded with gem-coloured bottles of liquor and mini bottles of mixers. There will also be a crystal bowl of lemons and limes, and a silver bucket for ice. Crushing, muddling and pouring will all be done VERY neatly by someone who knows how to make the perfect Caipirinha...

Source: Lonny, Ralph Lauren

She Means Business: A Picture Story

My best friend has her first serious job interview in a few weeks time, and because I’m procrastinating, I have put together a picture story of the Big Day.

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg, Coat: Burberry, Necklace: Lanvin, Watch: Hermes, Bag: Bottega Veneta, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Notebook: Smythsons, Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Nail Polish and Lipgloss: NARS

For the interview, she all business. The Burberry mac says polished and put-together, but when it comes off and she’s in front of their eyes, the all-black ensemble doesn’t distract attention for her insanely intelligent mind. A bright blue notebook shoes her fun side – but it’s neat and sophisticated, just like herself.

Tee:, Cardigan: Brora, Sweats: Victoria's Secret, Slippers: UGG

When she arrives home, she’s drained and excited – she gets cosy in her PJs, and sticks on a West Wing, while tucking into a celebratory cupcake from Hummingbird and a cup of tea.

Dress: 3.1 Philip Lim, Belt: Topshop, Cardigan: Crumpet, Clutch: Miu Miu, Nail Polish: Chanel, Shoes: Louboutin, Eye Shadows: MAC, Eye Liner & Lipgloss: NARS

That evening she throws on a chic and comfy 3.1 Philip Lim number and trots out for drinks with her best friend (ME!) and dinner with her delicious and frighteningly brilliant boyfriend, eventually collapsing into bed – exhausted, excited and taking the ‘real world’ by storm!

Source: Polyvore

Smile Like You Mean It...

Oh my GOD, Kristen! Sure, the BAFTAs aren’t the Oscars, but I’m pretty sure that if you were ever nominated for an Academy Award that you still couldn’t train the muscles in your face to crack a smile.

And, besides the completely disheartening lack of joy, there was the speech. Twilight-hype started two years ago – surely in that time, SOMEONE could have offered some rhetorical training!

Kristen, here’s how it’s done. Colin Firth, I love you.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Man-tastic Fashion

My father was an extremely well-dressed man. A clothes horse. His aesthetic was pure English gent, but colourful and quirky. That's where it started. I love the innovation of menswear. I also love how well documented mens fashion is in the street style blogosphere (did anyone know that 'blogosphere' is now in the OED?). I'm also luvky to have a beautifully dressed boyfriend who allows me to tag along to his shopping trips (I know, traditionally it's the other way 'round!). Anyway, in honour of my men, here are some fabulous examples of man-tastic fashion!

Layering is practically an art form. I love that he's wearing two shirts - denim and plaid - and those fantastic trousers - mixing sweatpants and tailoring.

I also love, LOVE chunky knits on men. My boyfriend and I tried to find him a 'Christmas jumper' for winter layering - this guy found it first.

The more surprising the layers the better - tshirt, shirt and button-up hoody, completed with a leather jacket that's more top-shelf than Top Gun. Nicely done!

Elbow patches. Enough said. I would stitch elbow patches on ALL of my clothes if I didn't think it would start raising eyebrows...

Colour. Beautiful colour. This guy... Well, he's like a lovely assault on the eye.

The suit. Classic, sharp, beautifully fitted. There's a reason women adopted them and called it 'power dressing'.

Cardigans. Another crucial element of any mans wardrobe. Especially under a blazer, and with sand chinos!

I went to Gant recently and they're layering shirts under rugby shirts, which is not commonly seen, and is also practical for the Spring chill.

All these lovely men in their beautiful clothes -- it's enough to make you wish for Garrett Neff to show up in your bed with the paper on Sunday morning...

Oh hey, look at that...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Pretty Shiny Things

I found a link to Elva Fields on the fabulous Mrs. Lilien’s blog, they’re all one of a kind, so once they’re sold, that’s it! They’re also all priced around US$300, but… They are SO PRETTY!
I don't really wear chunky jewelry because I have a small frame, but I would break my rule for one of these! They put the STATEMENT in statement jewelry!

Friday, 19 February 2010

I'm Obsessing...

...over the PS1 bag.

(Jeans: J Brand, Cardigan: Vince, Tunic: Fred, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Watch: Hermes, Camera: Leica x Hermes Limited Edition, Lipstick: NARS, Boots: Lanvin)

(Jeans: J Brand, Cardigan: Philip Lim, Lipstick: NARS, Shoes: Ferragamo)

Source: Coolspotter, Bag that Style, TPF

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Satchels for Spring

I am loving the satchels that are hitting the shelves. I'm hoping to find a cute one for Spring, but in the mean time, I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with this Proenza Schouler bag... If one of my kidneys was worth £1,560, I would sell it for this!