Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tooting My Trumpet, Again...

I know, I shouldn't brag, but I'm so excited about this -- I was snapped again! Amazingly, I was just heading home after handing in my dissertation! So that look of exhaustion mixed with a two-week-long cold, chest and ear infection is ALSO mixed with jubilance! I'm looking pretty scruffy, especially since my jeans are splattered with nail polish, and not in a cool, intentional way... Still, I'm wearing one of my most favourite pieces, my Ralph Lauren cashmere cape. It's the most glorious, cosy thing -- the fashion equivalent of wearing a blanket in public!
This second picture is from another day -- I've been collecting vintage, and high street, gold jewellery for a few months now, trawling ebay and ASOS and such for unique pieces. I absolutely love wearing tons of gold jewelry to give an outfit an edge. Like a madpie, I luuuuuurve things that sparkle!

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