Friday, 23 October 2009

A Bit Rich Coming from You...

Whatever your feelings towards The X Factor as a piece of broadcasting, there can be no two ways of viewing Cheryl Cole's massive hypocrisy.

To sit on a panel, week after week, judging the singing talents of others suggests that one's talent and experiences are superior to the contestants, and allow one a position of wisdom and worth to impart to wannabe singers.

Cheryl Cole, proof that money can turn anyone into a pin-up, recently released a single which effectively proves that, if she entered The X Factor as a contestant, she would be in the gag reel of the audition show. Does it bother anyone else that Cheryl sits in judgement on some truly talented (and some truly talentless) singers, and has the power to effect their careers?

If Girls Aloud is the standard of musical excellence in Britain today, then we really ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

Conversely, Simon and Louis are extremely successful in their fields. They're businessmen, they see market potential rather. Hence, Simon's pupils flash with dollar signs whenever anyone remotely talented performs. Simon and Louis, therefore have earned their thrones of critique. Cheryl on the other hand, provides two things as a judge on the panel: boobs and tear-ducts.

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