Friday, 22 January 2010

I'd like to thank...

I love The Oscars. Yes, I love the gowns, but the best parts are the speeches!
They don’t air over here in the same way, but I LOVE The Oscars. Who doesn’t dream of making on of those speeches? And having spent hours on the Oscar’s YouTube channel, I find the speeches that are deemed the ‘most embarrassing’ or the ‘most ridiculous’ are actually the most genuinely heartfelt.

So here are my favourites…

The Girls


It's impossible not to shed a tear when the wonderful, beautiful, bestest, most talented Kate Winslet finally gets her Oscar. Especially since some of the best winners of the past were presenting the award...


The beautiful, austere Nicole is a gangly awkward mess accepted her award. So endearing, so sweet trying to pull herself together... She even tries to halt the orchestra when she realises that she has more to say... I can totally imagine doing the same thing!


Julia, Julia. Hers is the most honest. It was widely mocked, but how can you not LOVE the girl with the billion-watt smile?


I'm in love with Marion and her speech is so brilliant, if a little abstract at the end. But abstract in the best possible way.


Another classic. You can tell from the beginning that she's only just going to get through it...

The Boys


Play the music! I don't care!


Tom Hanks, the ideal man? Very possibly.

Ben and Matt

Childhood friends, and SO SO ADORABLE!

The Host!


I just love Ellen. She's so fantastic, and it meant so much to her.

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