Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Living Dolls

Today I bought a book by Natasha Walter, which is exploring the sexualization of women, in a world where women have more civil, political and economical rights than ever. I'm only eight pages in, so far, but I then saw this spread in Tank, and saw 'The Living Doll' more clearly than ever. Walter explores how young girls, still children, are sexualized, and how the ideal woman becomes more and more doll-like. An unobtainable image of female perfection. And look at these pictures! Girls lining up to be weighed! Their waists are measured, and they're bound and tied, while mostly naked! Is this supposed to be clever?


On a related note, Christina Aguilera's new video, along with Lady Gaga's new video, and several other recent releases, all show extreme sexual scenarios, almost abusive, and latex and pleather are abound. Both of these performers have a young female fan base, so what are they trying to do? Is it empowering? I don’t think so. Instead, it says that women are sexual objects, at best, and at worst aren’t even human -- they’re glorified sex dolls.

At the same time, there's Julian MacDonald saying that plus-sized models have no place in the fashion world. He seems to imply that because he has had a line at Debenhams, he is the voice of authority in the fashion world. Well, Mr MacDonald, it is not the plus-sized models that need to move on, it is you. Open your mind, and move with the times, or be left behind to stitch sub-par couture on your sad little Singer.

I’m sure as I read Walter’s book, I will have more to say, and will express my thoughts more succinctly. For now, though, I simply have to ask, what is going on?

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Alexandra said...

Great post. I totally agree with everything you said, I have so much to say about this topic .. and it angers me that the problem seems to be getting worst and worst.