Monday, 6 September 2010

Not Again...

I am not a fan of Cheryl Cole. Not only is she not talented enough as a singer to judge others on the X Factor, but I also think she stands as proof that money (though it can't buy you taste) can make anyone beautiful.

Are Vogue kidding with this? Her SECOND Vogue cover? It almost makes me question Alexandra Shulman's authority.

Cheryl is NOT a fashion icon. She is NOT a trailblazer in the fashion world. She is an Everywoman, tarted up by a stylist, hair stylist, make up artist, air-brusher... It would be fine if she actually showed interest in fashion, or played a role in the fashion industry... Well, a supremely lame Pantene Pro V ad does not a fashion icon make.

February 2009 cover
(The 'It Doesn't Look Anything Like Her' cover)
October 2010 cover
(The 'Why Does She Look Scared Of The Flowers?' cover)

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Anonymous said...

First Kate Moss re-hashed for the thousandth time and then this. GRRR. Mrs McAvoy is not impressed!