Tuesday, 4 January 2011

What a Way to Start the Year!

Dear Reader(s), another unforgivably long absence in the face of unrelenting Christmas merriment. And here we are, a new year and a new start for all of us. I can think of no better way to begin 2011 than with the most painfully glamorous video/collection/people you could possibly imagine gathering in one room. It is, of course, Tom Ford’s first collection. Enjoy, and may this year bring you glamour and excitement in many forms! -- Just Another Blogger xo

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B said...

Yay! You're back!

I love that so many of the models are smiling as they sashay down the catwalk, it makes the whole show so much more vibrant. Last year seemed all about the Celine/ Louis Vuitton contrast, but whilst both offered beautiful pieces they nevertheless sometimes seemed to overwhelm their wearers. Here, it's the women that make the clothes come to life- so refreshing!

Bzzzz x