Friday, 13 August 2010


Hello again, everybody. After my week-long break, 'everybody' is in fact only a committed 3 readers, but - HI!

After a week of sunshine and wonderful French food, I am rounder and still extremely pale (which is why all of my holiday snaps will be appearing in black and white - as if it actually detracts from the luminescence of my paleness sitting next to my three girlfriends, the most tanned people in the entire world).

I arrived back to 600+ items on my GReader, and my September Issue of Vanity Fair, responses to which I am sure to post in the coming days. Of course I cradled my September Issue of Vogue everywhere I went (I might as well have been carrying a two-year-old it was so heavy) and after an extremely scary moment on the train back to London yesterday (when the large, odourful man sitting next to me took my Vogue away, flicked through it, and then returned it, while I, all the while, was trying not to cry at it's virgin pages being sullied) I am ready to tell you all about the heaven within its pages.

So, lots of fun and interesting things to come, but right now, I'm going to unpack!

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