Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pin them here, Pin them there...

More Dash than Cash is my favourite Vogue feature. I have had whole months ruined by a sub-par 'More Dash' section. Obviously, it being the only spread in the magazine that I can afford makes it appealing, but it's the creativity that I love. Bringing together high street, vintage stores and tips to customize, they let the styling speak for itself by always shooting in a white studio. One of the things I remember seeing was a look that involved several vintage brooches, which I have been looking for. This spread, found here, might be the one I was thinking of. At any rate, last Thursday I walked through the Spitalfields Market and discovered the most wonderful antique and vintage market, with an especially impressive array of vintage brooches! You’d better believe, on Thursday, I will return to the market and bankrupt myself on vintage brooches. Vogue shows me that they can make for very striking detailing on an outfit.
Here’s another cool way to wear brooches.

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