Friday, 23 July 2010

To Market, To Market...

Yes, I spent my lunch hour (plus, ahem, a little extra) yesterday browsing the strange and wonderful treasures of the Spitalfields vintage and antiques market. You can buy everything from a '50s barber's chair to old military uniform, to costume jewelry and absurd knickknacks from the corner of a cockney geeza’s attic.

After browsing with a much more hurried eye than I would have liked, I added to my collection of junk a fabulous costume necklace (possibly from the 50s), two black and white ‘prints’ (which are really pages pulled from art books, and cost a single British pound each) and the most stupendous black satchel bag from Blondie.

Today, I discovered something even more fabulous (impossible to believe, I know) Blondie’s sister store, Absolute Vintage. Which is an enormous collection of vintage clothes, and I picked up this cerise dress. The belt needs replacing with some wide velvet ribbon, I think. But mainly, I love the cuffs. Pearl buttons? Delightful...
I have fallen completely in love with Spitalfields. Every day there is something new and different to discover, all colourful, all fascinating and all utterly fabulous! If you’re in London, this is a must-visit.

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