Friday, 16 July 2010

Haircut Heartbreak

A few weeks ago, I had the most heart-breaking, soul-destroying haircut. If I learned anything from the experience, I would say, do NOT, under any circumstance take a book to the hairdresser. I was so engrossed in The Living Doll that I paid no attention to what was going on behind me. It was a mistake that resulted in a style resembling ‘The Rachel’ circa 1995… I am ashamed to say that I sobbed for the loss of my locks. Like Sampson, unmanned by Delilah, so was I robbed of my power by some ‘bubbly’, Australian wench.

Each time I look at it, crassly layered and unruly, I get depressed, and thus am considering going short. I was desperate to grow it long again, but if there was every a good reason to have the chop, here she is…

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