Friday, 18 December 2009

Get Shirty!

I just saw this picture on Jak & Jil, and had a sift through my growing collection of ‘things I like’ in my iPhotos. It turns out, I’m extremely attracted to outfits based around shirts! They’re simple and chic, and not necessarily formal. In fact, they can be incredibly sexy. Something that is typically part of a working wardrobe is breaking out of its uniform constraints and unbuttoning to the sternum to become as much weekend as weekday.

This is a recent shoot by Patrick Demarchelier which plays on the Ralph Lauren aesthetic of yachts and sea-salt-disheveled hair. That she has been styled in a belted men’s shirt makes me think of the scene in ‘High Society’ when Tracey and Dexter are honeymooning on the ‘True Love’. It’s hugely sexy. Women in men’s shirts is the oldest semantic for sex, so why not take it out of the boudoir and wear it to the supermarket? I love it!

I love this Olsen’s shirt. It’s huge, like most of the Olsens’ clothes, and half tucked in; the effect is painfully cool.

This is the sweetest shirt idea I’ve ever seen. It’s from Garance’s blog. This man’s wife embroidered this on the inside of his shirt pocket… Just the most wonderful gesture of love.

So, shirts are versatile, sexy and simple… I need more in my wardrobe! Here are some more ideas...

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