Wednesday, 16 December 2009

DSquared2: The Only Maths I Like

I hadn't seen this a/w show until I stumbled upon it at It strongly relates my post about how rushing has become part of our process of accessorizing. Well, DSquared2 certainly has illustrated my point well! I love that the models are carrying Starbucks (and I’m sure Starbucks love it too….). It’s very zeitgeist-y (yes, I made that up). I also love how they’ve really embraced layering – the practical side of fashion finally showing its face! These looks are actually wearable and you mind not freeze your teeny-weeny, size-0 ass off…
This look also really reminded me or Miroslava’s pairing a floor-length dress with a leather jacket –- it’s white tie meets street style, and I love it!

Source: and TPF

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