Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Ironically Named 'Fashion' Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The funny thing is, no one, seriously, NO ONE is looking at the clothes.

But nonetheless, they might have made less of a hot mess!

I mean, it is not stupid to parade the most stunningly, alienly, jaw-droppingly beautiful women along a catwalk one a year. And it is not stupid to dress the 'angels' (clever) in as little as possible. However, that ‘little as possible’ could be put together a little better!

It looks like the designer spilled a bag of gummy bears over adhesive glitter glue and then allowed their two-year-old daughter to do the styling.

I’m not complaining, because (let’s be honest) it’s a turn on, whatever your gender. But, come on people, don't call it a "fashion show". Call it a 'Holy-Lord-No-Human-Being-Looks-Like-That-But-Slather-One-Of-Those-On-A-Cracker-For-Me Parade!'

Quite right, Alessandra, What the Hell?
She's carrying a book? She's going to READ in that outfit??? Obviously...
Source: fashionising

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