Monday, 21 December 2009

There's Human Interest, There's Idle Gossip, Then, There's This...

Britney Spear’s now has a ‘Bullshit Alert’ on her website, indicating to fans which stories are true and which are flagrant lies.

In the ‘Top 75 Bullshit’ Stories of 2009, an alarming number of them are from UK papers.

At what point did reporting on ‘One Night In Paris’ take precedence over actual international relations in Paris? When did every celebrity’s’ choice of deodorant (or lack there of) become more important to the average reader than the issues that should make us sweat?

Twitter seems to me to be the most extreme extension of this obsession with banal and pointless information. Every minute of the day, we can know what our favourite and most intriguing C-Listers are doing. Eating, watching TV… gripping stuff!

A little rant to say that we should care much more about things that have actual bearings on our lives, like, I don’t know… Politics? And a little less about the things that don’t matter at all…

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