Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Body Inc.

I am fascinated by tattoos. I get voyeuristic about those I spot on shop assistants, or classmates. It’s always intriguing when someone decides to commit to something on their body. When I decided that I wanted one of my own, I couldn’t ignore the feeling. It was like a compulsion. There was an article in Vogue (March 2009), which voiced the same feelings – once you have it in mind, there’s no escaping it.

I love my tattoo, and I love looking at other peoples. The stories behind them are always intriguing… What we choose to put on our bodies says a lot about us. I saw this one on Jayde from The Hills (um, the Playmate!) and I thought it was a ridiculous oxymoron to have 'respect' tattooed on her bikini line!

But then I also saw this of a father's two little girls names - sweet!

I don't often like bigger tattoos, preferring the smaller, more intimate option. However, this I just love for the busted cage - the birds fly away are stunning.

I love models with tattoos, too. I don’t like my models as blank canvases! It gives life to the ‘living mannequin’ look!

Lily Donaldson appears (aptly) on the cover of the aforementioned Vogue, with a tattoo of her mother and sisters names in her own (very cool) handwriting.

Freja Beha Erichsen’s tattoos are now more famous than her gorgeous face! She has many, including one reading ‘redemption’ on her inner arm. The girl in the chair before I got my tattoo also got ‘redemption’, which considering she looked about 16 years old was puzzling – needing redemption already? A little alarming…

'this world tonight is mine'
Does the idea of getting a tattoo on the neck give anyone else the heeby-geebies?

'This too shall pass'

I really like Nicole Trunfio’s little coat hanger – what a cool nod to her career!

Tattoos to me are an opportunity to express something in words or images… I never understood why people would choose to scar themselves, until I felt the urge myself. There’s no sense in a tattoo for the sake of a tattoo unless there’s some aesthetic value in it – but I certainly enjoy them, and love the stories they tell…

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