Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What Lies Beneath...

So, I've already talked about my need for a long, white tie-appropriate, dress, and I just received a gorgeous backless number from ASOS. It's divine and even post-shower, pre-make up, it felt red carpet worthy.


It's backlessness is going to be a problem. I am not busty at the best of times, and sans support I feel like a prepubescent boy. So, what's the solution?

I've been reading about the new 'blackless, frontless, strapless, halterneck-friendly' solutions, but do they work?

Fashion Forms seems to offer several solutions, all of which look pretty terrifying, but which offer the security we girls need at times when conventional bras won't cut it.

This is the 'Backless and Strapless bra' which sticks on, and is probably the least daunting option, (£30, ASOS).

Otherwise, there's the Nu Bra Devine Body Silicone Bra, (£44, ASOS). Which looks like a cross between a futuristic device of torture and a Victorian undergarment.

There Triangle Cups, (£20, ASOS) might look crass but part of me feels that the simple design might be more effective than the other options. They are the be stuck to the dress, rather than the body, which would seem good in the sense that you won't end up with bright pink, raw skin in the shape of triangles on your boobs, but also means there's no 'lift' potential.

Lastly, there are these 'Beautiful Lift' stickers which claim to give lift and shape, (£20, ASOS). Eventually, these will probably be the best way to go. This seems the most subtle, and the most secure option - because the stickers are small, there's less weight for the adhesive to bear. We all know that there's nothing worse than betraying the illusion of perfect grace by giving everyone a peek at the engineering beneath the dress, especially when the elements of construction in question are sliding across the floor and causing a waiter slip and spill a tray of champagne...

Ok, maybe that's a little extreme.

It's also worth mentioning that while at this white tie affair, I will be spending several hours engaged in one of the most rigorous and energetic modes of dance: Scottish Reeling.

As a result, any adhesive would have to be industrial strength to withstand the 7 hours of bouncing, turning, tripping, falling, bashing, clapping and stamping that goes with this particular activity.

If anyone has any experience with these products, I would really appreciate reviews, otherwise, I'll have to buy blind, and just stick-on-and-pray...

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a said...

SO EXCITED for the dress! Just depends on how low the back is - or really backless? Otherwise, probably the triangly ones. Or nothing, honestly, and some sticky tape on the sides. This is a dangerous sport.