Friday, 30 April 2010

Another Girl Crush...

Mary-Louise Parker.

I am obsessed with The West Wing. I've seen every episode, most twice or three times. I still believe it to be the smartest and best show ever made. And Amy Gardner in her capacity as powerful political lobbyist and the First Lady's Chief of Staff, makes me fall more and more in love with her with every passing episode.

I read on People today that while she was seven months pregnant, her boyfriend Billy Crudup left her for Claire Danes... Not knowing both sides of the situation, one can say with confidence that Mary-Louise must be as strong in her personal life as she is in role of Amy.

Also, she's absolutely stunning!

As a drug pusher on Weeds, she's infinitely watchable. And I'm ordering 'Angels in America' and 'Fried Green Tomatoes' from Amazon...

She's won a Tony, a Golden Globe, has a song written about her by the Counting Crows, starred in her boyfriend's music video, and adopted her daughter, Ash, from Africa... What's not to love about Mary-Louise Parker?

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