Monday, 12 April 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Time is the enemy. Time is something I've studied in literature, always in the sense of time running out, or the incomprehensible nature of infinite time (and if you're going to spend eternity in heaven or hell, then that's a long, long time).

At the moment, it is the enemy of real life. I am living through three break ups at present, one of them my own, and in each case, all there is to say is that in time, all will heal and fade until it is just a memory. But time moves so slowly when you're begging it to pass. When you want a moment to last forever, it is gone before you can grasp it, but when you need time to hurry by and heal the pain you feel, it moves torturously slowly.

And all we can do is wait... And listen to Leona Lewis' 'Better in Time'

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Alex said...

:( :( :( Sorry to hear about the break up :(