Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Seductive Smell of Leather

For my 21st birthday, I was given a Mulberry Bayswater. It is the perfect bag. Mulberry has a unique way of designing bags which last, and last... Good quality leather, not easily scuffed, and classic styles which transcend season-to-season trends.

The current collection is no exception. My grandmother left all of her grandchildren a little money in her will, and I think she would approve of it being invested in my beloved handbag collection... A PS1 bag is a pipe-dream, and from what I've heard, wouldn't be able to withstand the extreme conditions my bags face day-to-day... But a Mulberry bag, with its way of always being on-trend, and classic at the same time, is a very agreeable alternative...

The only question now, is... Which one?

Alexa Chung with the 'Alexa'

The 'Alexa' - looks a little structurally unsound...
Kate Bosworth with the 'Leah'

The 'Leah' - definitely in the running, but in Hazelnut instead of Kate Bosworth's 'mushroom'!
Fearne Cotton with the 'Daria'
The 'Daria' Hobo - enormous... good or bad?

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