Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dear John's Notebook

This morning I watched ‘Dear John’, curious to see how the wartime break-up letters and Channing Tatum’s jaw were related. The small part of me that is a romantic thought it was not a waste of a rainy Sunday morning (even when factoring in that my first degree exam starts tomorrow morning!), but overwhelmingly I thought it strongly resembled ‘The Notebook’.

As a student of Literature, I am obviously aware that it is impossible for any writer to entirely abandon a recognisable ‘voice’ that runs through their works, but really, Nicholas Sparks, the two stories are EXTREMELY similar, if not fundamentally the same!

None the less, I love letter-writing (despite being hopeless at it) and Amanda Seyfried’s hair, and therefore, will not entirely discount ‘Dear John’ as a movie experience…

Photo Source: IMDB

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